mm ■.^mmaSÊ mm INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS The rugged and compact Chronomat was designed and developed in cooperation with the crack pilots of Italy's elite Frecce Tricolori flying team. Probably the world's favorite up market selfwinding chronograph, its crisply technical good looks and straight profile are designed for total functional convenience. The Breitling Chronomat: mastering time with the ease and efficiency of the Concorde's sleek flowing lines. Designed for service in the demand ing, split-second world of fighter aircraft, the Chronomat is easy to handle and operate, measuring times from Vsth second to 12 hours and providing intermediate and cumu lative flying times when needed. Its rotating bezel with rider tabs can be used to set a time reference or deadline. Available in steel, steel and gold or 18K yellow or white gold. Leather strap; Pilot or Rouleaux bracelet. VOOR INFORMATIE VERKOOPADRESSEN: M. KOSTER ZONEN - TEL: 020-6596453


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