Successful retailing comes right down to the individual A^VI AT IRE Every retailer needs to define, target and communicate with individual customers. Only then can they ensure that the right product is in the right place at the right time. The Armature ASERIES Merchandising Office can help provide the clearly defined customer profiles that retailers need to ensure effective customer relationship marketing. Merchandising Office brings together all aspects of merchandising - category planning, assortment, pricing, optimization and review-when combined with accurate forecasting, promotion and price planning puts pinpointed customer profiles within your reach. Like all Armature ASER,ES applications, Merchandising Office solutions can be implemented individually, or fully integrated through a central data resource, the Library, that encompasses both analytical and implementation tasks. Armature is in the business of enabling successful local market merchandising strategies. To make sure that you are one of the retailers who will benefit from our successful Merchandising Office solutions, call us now at +31 (20) 301 2190. Inteerated Retail Solution! Armature BV, Postbus 59366, 1040 KJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (20) 301 2190 Fax: +31 (20) 301 2202 ABM/M


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