A^VIATIRE However you look at it, that's how well Armature understands the Retail Supply Chain. We know it's how a retailer optimises the supply chain that directly impacts the bottom line. Armature's aseries recognises this fact. The ASERIES gives your operations real-time tracking on every item, in every distribution centre - this information is relayed throughout the supply chain instantly. We provide our customers with the information systems they need. Systems so robust that they handle over 300,000 on-line transactions per hour. This is just the beginning of our Supply Chain story. The Armature aseries is not just about functionality, it's about business - streamlining operations, reducing stocks and improving productivity -that ultimately enhances customer service and profitability. If you want Integrated Retail Solutions that really deliver, contact Armature on +31 (20) 301 2190 today. Integrated Retail Solutions Armature BV, Postbus 59366, 1040 KJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tel: +31 (20) 301 2190 Fax: +31 (20) 301 2202 www.armature.com ADA/I I


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