'1884 INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS™ Mechanical chronograph Providing a power reserve of a least 42 hours, the Old Navitimer self winding chronograph measures times from y5th second to 12 hours plus intermediate and cumulative flying times when needed. Available in steel, steel and gold or 18K gold. Leather strap or Navitimer bracelet. VOOR INFORMATIE VERKOOPADRESSEN M. KOSTER ZONEN - TEL: 020-6596453 OLD NAVITIMER Favored by pilots and aircrews since 1952, the Old Navitimer mechanical chronograph displays the classic good looks of a 1950s-style time piece, with slide rule built into a ruggedly water-resistant steel case. Early Navitimer models were a familiar sight in the cockpit of the Lockheed Constellation, whose four 2250-hp motors provided this airliner with a range of more than 2,400 miles at a cruising altitude of over 16,000 feet.


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