lesmark Printers. So good, you'll uiant to stay together foreuer. Lexmark A PRINT Unbeatable performance. Amazing flexibility. Unprecedented savings. Buy any of our new Optra S laser printers, and you'll soon feel rather attached. Thanks to a number of exciting innovations, our Optra S family of mono and colour laser printers now out-performs every other range of printers on the market today. Whether stand-alone or network-ready, Optra S printers provide blazing performance with 12, 16 or 24 ppm printing speeds. With 1200 dpi as standard, they also offer the very highest levels of output quality as well as a wide range of intelligent, versatile paper-handling options. But performance is only the beginning. You can declare war on paper costs with multi-up and duplex printing. Make pre-printed forms redundant by storing them electronically in the printer. Slash spiralling end-user support costs with MarkVision, our network printer management software. The list of potential savings goes on and on... i1 Call us now on 020 - 5632801We'll tell you more about how Lexmark can transform your printer from a stubborn, costly foe into your cost-saving best friend. Alternatively, fill in the coupon and fax it to 020-5632899, return it to the address below or e-mail us at: kremer@lexmark.com Title: Name: Position: ComDanv Name: Address: Postende: Tel: Fax: Lexmark International B.V., Paasheuvelweg 50, 1105 R.I Amsterdam


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