CUSTOMER SPREADS AROUND FAST Ter Haak Group: Your compass to Profit The quality circle of our customer awareness began to spread in 1911 in our home-port of Amsterdam Ymond. Nowadays, the Ter Haak Group has grown into a global partner, a combination of 5 highly specialised port companies with a young, enthusiastic crew. The facts about our service which will lead to your success: more than 80 years of port experience and up-to-date knowledge customer awareness and care modern facilities and equipment a service tradition, personal involvement excellent logistic facilities with optimum access by rail, road and water partner in problem-solving The Ter Haak Group has the experts in-house to find new ways to approach your market, and to make every challenge a success. The guarantee of a quality mentality with a keenly priced policy. The power of such a remarkable approach spreads around fast. ISO 9002 VCA* TER HAAK STEVEDORES BV Since 1911. Synonymous with quality, keen prices and a dynamic approach. Stevedores for bales, bundles, crates, cases, drums, barrels, pipes, containers and bulk cocoa. TER HAAK WAREHOUSING LOGISTICS BV Distribution, inspection, weighing, storage and transport of cocoa, coffee and other tropical products. Perfect superintendency, storage and logistics based upon experience. TRANSIT TERMINAL AMSTERDAM BV The key to reliable container care. The best facilities, the widest experience and excellent know-how. For fast and efficient discharge, storage, loading and distribution of your goods. In containers, by roil-on, roll-off or any commodity. CARGO COMPANY YMOND BV Shipping, forwarding, agency and brokerage. Our speciality: forwarding of trucks, cars and road-building equipment. CONTAINER COMPANY AMSTERDAM BV Market leader in Holland for the sale or lease of sea-, offshore-, and cabin- containers, reefers, container repair and maintenance. Every type, new or used, standard or tailor-made. ISO 9002 VCA certification. P.O. Box 8186 - 1005 AD Amsterdam - Holland - Westpoort no. 4044 - Tel. +31 20 611 66 88 Fax +31 20 613 05 88 - Telex 18223 haak nl - -


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