INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS VOOR INFORMATIE VERKOOPADRESSEN: M. KOSTER ZONEN - TEL: 020-6596453 A professional diver's watch built to the exacting standards of the US Navy's SEALs combat swimmers, the Colt Superocean features the most resistant stainless steel case ever designed by Breitling. To withstand the terrific pressures experienced thousands of feet under water, the case is equipped with a 3.0mm-thick back and an extra-strength glareproofed crystal with a thickness of 3.7 mm. Surfacing safely COLT SUPEROCEAN As the Colt Superocean rises to the surface after a dive, its built-in pres sure valve vents the excess helium accumulated inside the case. For the ultimate in diving watches, Breitling offers an exclusive 18 K gold version of the Colt Superocean featuring a protective titanium frame around the movement to offset the gold case's lesser resistance to extreme underwater pressures.


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