Net turnover merchandising NLG 'ooo 01/07/97- 96/97 95/96 94/95 31/12/97 Merchandising 2,723 100 3,594 100 2,878 100 935 100 The net turnover from merchandising mainly consists of income from the licence granted to Umbro for sports products, with the name and logo of Ajax. Furthermore, Ajax generates income from licences granted to companies that produce Ajax-associated non-sports products. Ajax receives royalties for both activities. In the financial years 1994/1995 and 1995/1996 Fan Promotions B.V. had been given an exclusive right to grant sublicences for producing and distributing non-sports products. Since January 1, 1997, Ajax has taken control of this activity. The increase in turnover from merchandising is mainly the result of the successes of Ajax on the pitch and the expansion of the Ajax-productrange. Operating costs NLG '000 01/07/97- 96/97 95/96 94/95 31/12/97 Cost of sales 1,812 3.5 115 0.2 - - Wages, salaries and social security contributions 23,466 45.6 33,885 44.7 25,517 55.6 24,387 61.7 Depreciation of tangible fixed assets 1,696 3.4 2,054 2.7 1,968 4.3 1,928 4.9 Other operating costs 24,449 47-5 39.7°° 52.4 18,383 40.1 13,223 33.4 Total operating costs 51,423 100 75,754 100 45,868 100 39,538 100 The operating costs have increased by a total of 91.6% to NLG 75.8 million in the past three financial years. The main components are the wages, social security costs and other operating costs. In each of the financial years mentioned above, these costs together accounted for more than 95% of the total operating costs. The most important factors influencing wages and social security costs are the successes in the field and the consequences of the Bosman ruling. The successes, especially in the financial years 1994/1995 and 1995/1996, have led to high premium payments for players and the coaching staff. The consequences of the Bosman ruling were fully revealed in the 1996/1997 financial year. Since the ruling, longer contracts are closed with players so that these can only leave without a transfer fee after a longer period at the club. As these longer contracts are generally connected with higher wages, personnel costs increased during that year. The other operating costs mainly consist of match costs and housing costs. Match costs form an important part of these costs. As a result of the larger number of matches played and the move to the ArenA (more stewards, and, as a result of the increased revenues from season tickets, increased obligatory contributions to the KNVB) these costs have increased significantly in the period from 1994/1995 to 1996/1997. Furthermore, as a result of the move to the ArenA and De Toekomst, housing costs increased from NLG 1.8 million to NLG 16.8 million in the financial year 1996/1997. This concerns the rent and service and maintenance costs of the ArenA, as well as the maintenance and exploitation costs of De Toekomst. Cost of sales are the purchase costs of sold merchandising articles, paid royalties and guaranteed amounts which have been paid by Ajax Images to the players. Depreciation on tangible fixed assets in the financial years 1994/1995 and 1995/1996 consisted of the accelerated write-off of the 'De Meer' stadium.


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