Turnover from business seats and skybox seats also remained stable in the years prior to the move. The business seats and skybox seats in the 'De Meer' stadium were completely sold out. The ArenA accommodates a significantly higher number of business seats and skybox seats, which were sold at higher prices than the seats in the 'De Meer' stadium. These seats were sold out completely in the financial year 1996/1997, and are sold out for the current and next financial year. The limited gate receipts from league, Amstel Cup and friendly matches is the result of the limited number of tickets which can be sold for competition matches. This applies to the financial years i994/i995> 1995/1996 when Ajax played its home matches in the 'De Meer' stadium as well as to the financial year 1996/1997 when the ArenA had become the club's home ground. Indirect income from matches includes mainly income from renting out players to the Dutch national side and renting out players to other clubs. Net turnover sponsoring and advertising NLG '000 01/07/97- 96/97 95/96 94/95 31/12/97 Sponsoring, 11,207 100 13,978 100 11,946 100 11,082 100 advertising and other income Since the financial year 1994/1995, 14 sponsors have been supporting Ajax, of which ABN AMRO is the club's shirt sponsor and Umbro is the sponsor of the Ajax outfit. These two sponsors have, together with sub-sponsor Canal+, made considerable contributions to net turnover from sponsoring and advertising. In the period from 1994/1995 to 1996/1997, this turnover increased by 26.1% to NLG 14.0 mln. The income from sponsoring has been almost equal in the financial years 1994/1995 and 1995/1996. In 1996/1997 the income from sponsoring has risen due to an increased contribution of the clothing sponsor. The growth of turnover from advertising is mainly the result of the matches in the European Super Cup and the World Cup for club teams played during 1995/1996. In the 1996/1997 financial year, various new opportunities for advertising have been created. Examples are the rotating advertising boards in the ArenA stadium. Net turnover television rights NLG '000 01/07/97- 96/97 95/96 94/95 31/12/97 Television rights 3.338 100 5,282 100 3.099 100 1,521 100 Net turnover from television rights is generated from several contractual agreements regarding broadcasting and highlights of Ajax' matches. See 'The Company, Organisation and Activities, Media'. The payment structure of the contract between KNVB and NOS is the reason for the growth in income from television rights. Furthermore, additional income from television rights was generated by playing matches in the European Super Cup and the World Cup for club teams. In the financial year 1996/1997, Ajax received an exceptionally high contribution regarding the activities of the former Sport 7 station. After this, the KNVB closed a new contract with the NOS, the national broadcasting company. The terms of this new contracts will result in a further increase of the turnover from television rights for Ajax.


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