0 friendly matches Gate receipts European Cup Premiums European Cup - - Season tickets Business seats and skybox seats Indirect income from matches Total of the co-operation with Umbro regarding Ajax sports articles and the expansion and inhouse developing of the other merchandising activities. Details on the different turnover figures are found below. Net turnover Football activities NLG 'ooo 01/07/97- 96/97 95/96 94/95 31/12/97 Gate receipts league, Amstel Cup and 4,131 14.0 5,154 7.6 3,972 8-5 5,672 12.9 5,285 17.9 12,658 18.7 12,375 26.5 9,732 22.2 15,563 23.0 22,123 47-4 21,150 48.2 10,965 37-1 17,427 25-7 4,299 9.2 3,913 8.9 8,437 28.6 15,640 23.0 2,300 4-9 2,300 5-2 724 2.4 1,369 2.0 1,650 3-5 1,154 2.6 29,542 100 67,811 100 46,719 100 43,921 100 Net turnover from football activities in the past three full financial years increased by 54.4% to NLG 67.8 million. This increase is mainly determined by gate receipts from European cup matches, players' premiums from European cup matches, season ticket sales and sales of business seats and sky box seats for definite periods. Gate receipts are the tickets sold for Ajax matches. Premiums European Cup are the premiums paid on the basis of participation and success in the Champions League. Season tickets, business seats and sky box seats are the seats which are sold for at least one year. The main factors on which the increase of net turnover has been based are the successes in football and the move to the ArenA. The successes have mainly determined turnover from European Cup gate receipts and turnover from European Cup premiums. In the financial year 1994/1995 the Champions League was won. This implies that 5 home matches were played against renowned European clubs, as well as a final on neutral territory from which Ajax received part of the gate receipts. The same number of matches was played in the Champions League in 1995/1996 financial year (the only difference was that the final was lost), while two matches were played for the European Super Cup and one for the World Cup for club teams. The financial year 1996/1997 gave an almost identical turnover from European Cup gate receipts because the one match which was played less (Ajax reached the semi final) was compensated for by the higher average price level of the seats in the ArenA. The European Cup premiums consist of a starting premium and a part which is directly related to the performance in the Champions League. The other European Cup tournaments do not pay out premiums. In the 1994/1995 financial year, these premiums accounted for 48.2% of the total turnover from football activities. As a result of an improved performance in the first round matches, the European Cup premiums increased slightly in 1995/1996. As Ajax played one less match while showing a declined performance in the first round matches, turnover from European Cup premiums declined in 1996/1997. The move to the ArenA in July 1996 led to an explosive increase of turnover from season tickets as well as turnover from business seats and sky box seats. In the financial years 1994/1995 and 1995/1996, the number of season tickets sold remained almost the same as a result of the limited capacity of the 'De Meer' stadium Oust over 18,000 seats). During these years, 15,084 and 15,276 season tickets were sold, respectively. The larger capacity of the ArenA (total capacity: over 50,000) was mainly used for an increased number of season tickets sold. The number of season tickets sold in the financial year 1996/1997 was 39,697, excluding business seats and sky box seats.


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