0 Stadion Amsterdam The Company holds 13.1% (NLG 20 million) of the issued share capital held in the form of share certificates in Stadion Amsterdam N.V. The stadium is currently loss-making. However, both the current equity position and the projections of Stadion Amsterdam N.V., which predicts the exploitation of the ArenAto breakeven as of the financial year 2000/2001, do not make it necessary to revaluate the participation. Other holders of certificates in the ArenA stadium include the city of Amsterdam and approximately 2,000 others. Ajax is also the main tenant of the ArenA. The rental agreement has a term of 30 years, with options for another 20 years, and subsequent options for 10-years periods. The ArenA is a multifunctional stadium with a capacity of more than 50,000 seats. Approximately 42,000 seats are sold to season ticket holders, business and sky box seats for Ajax matches. Other seats are sold through the regular channels. The season tickets give the right to a seat for all of Ajax' home matches in the Premier Division. Season ticket holders also have priority for tickets for European Cup and Amstel Cup matches. Apart from regular seats, there are 1,535 business seats and 540 sky box seats (special seats in closed areas with a view on the pitch). The stadium also has several restaurants, offices and conference rooms, some of which are rented by the Company. There are also facilities for the players such as changing rooms, medical treatment rooms, an indoor sports arena, a power training centre and a players' relaxation room. The stadium also comprises the two pitches outside the stadium, which can be used as training pitches. The Company has no plans to increase or decrease its holding in the ArenA in the short term. ENV The participation of Ajax in the ENV will be a so-called 'club share' (see 'Description of the professional football industry'), which will be part of the corporatisation of the highest division of Dutch professional football by the eighteen clubs currently playing in the Premier Division. Triple A The Triple A Foundation was established by Ajax and Stadion Amsterdam N.V. for receiving and looking after visitors, maintaining public order and guaranteeing safety of visitors to the stadium. Both Ajax and the ArenA are represented on the Board of Triple A. Ajax Museum Since the start of the 1997/1998 season, through Exekias B.V., the Company has had a museum in the ArenA in which the history of the club is shown. The most important international and national trophies are stored here, as are relics, memorabilia, documents, personal belongings from (ex-) players and photographs; the museum also has a room in which the most important international trophies are displayed and where the club's biggest successes are portrayed in an audio-visual presentation.


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