A contract for the broadcasting of matches from the Premier Division abroad was closed between the KNVB and ISC (International Sports Consultancy), which runs until July 1, 1999. The rights with regard to live and integral broadcasting of Dutch league matches are exploited by the individual clubs. With regard to this, Ajax has entered into a so-called memorandum of understanding with Canal+, on the basis of which Canal+ currently realises live and integral broadcasting of Ajax matches. The final agreement with an expected term of up to the year 2001/2002 is being prepared. The arrangement realised through the KNVB with regard to the distribution of income from television rights between the clubs playing in the Premier Division and with the clubs from the First Division run until July 1, 1999. Agreement has been reached within ENV with regard to the distribution of income from television rights from live and integral matches between Premier Division clubs after July 1, 1999. The distribution is based on clubs' position in the table and leads to a distribution ratio whereby the highest-placed club receives approximately three times as much as the lowest placed club. Negotiations with the First Division regarding the transfer of part of the media funds from the Premier Division to the First Division, as well as with the KNVB regarding the payments to the amateur section of the KNVB, are currently being held. An application has been made for an exemption from the stipulations of the 'Besluit Horizontale Prijsbinding' for the co-operation arrangement between clubs within ENV, insofar as this concerns the exploitation of television rights (ENV acts as co-ordinator for the individual member clubs and an arrangement has been reached regarding the distribution of revenues). With regard to broadcasts and highlights of Amstel Cup matches, the KNVB has entered into a contract with SBS 6. This contract runs until July 1, 1999 The exploitation of television rights with regard to matches in European competitions differs per competition. The television rights for the Champions League are collectively exploited by UEFA. Agreement with this collective exploitation and agreement with the distribution of revenues as established by UEFA is a condition for participation in the Champions League. Possible measures against this collective exploitation within the framework of competition law by European competition authorities could result in reduced revenues from television rights from this competition for clubs with a relatively small home market. The television rights for the matches in the European Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Cup are sold by the clubs themselves. For these matches, Ajax has entered into an agreement with the NOS which runs until July 31, 2003. The Company has entered into a cooperation agreement for its audio-visual activities with TV producer IDTV. This concerns the development and exploitation of the 'Stadium Journal' and television programmes, mainly for foreign broadcasters. Merchandising The merchandising activities have been grouped under various group companies of the Company. Merchandising the collection of activities including the exploitation of products which are associated with Ajax. These include the clubcolours, the shirt and the Ajax name and logo. Ajax is currently confronted with a small home market, while the Board of Directors believes that the name, brand and logo of Ajax are famous throughout the world. There are currently more than 400 products for sale, varying from souvenirs and gadgets to clothing, cosmetics, household articles and foods. The diversity in these products, as well as their price range, is considerable. Within the merchandising policy, the product range policy and improving and expanding the distribution network have priority.


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