The social preventive policy is aimed at preventing vandalism by Ajax supporters, by obtaining more insight into the composition of this group of loyal fans and by increasing the bond between the Company and this core group. These goals are pursued through the Axios foundation, which is financed by Ajax and the city of Amsterdam and the employment of three staff members, who operate among the 'core supporters' from a position of trust. Sponsoring and advertising Ajax currently offers its customers an almost standard package, consisting of advertising time at and around matches, relationship marketing and the opportunity to associate themselves with 'Ajax in their general advertising. As regards the shirt sponsor (ABN AMRO) and the clothing sponsor (Umbro), special arrangements have been made here. Income from advertising comes from advertising boards on and around the pitches, advertising on the big screens and advertising in the programme. Apart from sponsoring and advertising contracts, Ajax holds a number of supplier contracts which include favourable purchasing conditions and advertising arrangements. Ajax' policy is aimed at extensive co-operation with a number of partners who are looking to fully integrate their sponsorship into their communication strategy, preferably internationally. This creates a maximum contribution to the global exploitation of the name and logo of Ajax. Media Media activities also include the exploitation of television rights. Regarding television rights, the strategy of Ajax is ultimately to negotiate these rights directly. In addition, the Ajax management expects to develope the following activities: Selling live matches abroad. Making own television programmes and selling these worldwide. Anticipating distribution of such developments as pay-per-view and video-on-demand. Live football matches are the most watched programmes in the Netherlands (see table). Top 10 viewing figures Dutch television, 1997 Nr. Date TV Programme Rating Number of viewers 1 23/02/1997 TV News 20.00 hours 3i-5 4,440,000 2 19/03/1997 Atletico Madrid-Ajax 29.4 4,140,000 3 23/02/1997 Ajax-Feyenoord 29.0 4,085,000 4 05/03/1997 Ajax-Atletico Madrid 27.4 3,865,000 5 09/04/1997 Ajax-Juventus 26.4 3,690,000 6 04/01/199 7 Elfstedentocht (skating) 26.1 3,675,000 7 30/04/199 7 San Marino-the Netherlands 25.3 3,540,000 8 02/04/1997 Turkey-the Netherlands 25.3 3,540,000 9 23/04/1997 juventus-Ajax 25.1 3,505,000 10 04/01/1997 Elfstedentocht (skating) 24.6 3,470,000 Source: NOS (Dutch national broadcasting company) The KNVB has entered into an agreement with the NOS with regard to broadcasting and highlights of matches in the Eredivisie until July 1, 1999. As the collective exploitation of the television rights possibly is a violation of the 'Besluit Horizontale Prijsbinding' (Resolution Horizontal Price Maintenance), the KNVB has asked the Minister for Economic Affairs for an exemption. The Minister has judged that the applicable stipulations from the articles of association and regulations of the KNVB do not meet the current exemption criteria. To prevent undesired shock effects, however, an exemption has been granted by way of a transition arrangement until 1 July 1998.


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