AFC A J AX NV PROSPECTUS DATED MAY 5, 1998 Offering of 4,950,000 Ordinary Shares at a Price of NLG 25 The Offering comprises 4,950,000 Ordinary Shares which will be issued and offered by and for the account of the Company. The Price per Ordinary Share is NLG 25. Subscribtion will start as per May 5, 1998 and is expected to close on Friday, May 8, 1998 at 15.00 hours. ABN AMRO Rothschild reserves the right to close the subscription period at an earlier date. Members and contributors of the Association, holders of season tickets, ^members of the Ajax supporters' association and hoiders of the Ajax clubcard are allowed to subscribe to the offering in advance, and will receive preferential treatment with regard to the allotment. See 'Underwriting and Sale'. Allocation will take place one trading day after the closing of the subscription period, which is expected to be on Monday, May 11, 1998. ABN AMRO Rothschild acts as Global Coordinator and Bookrunner. The offering and sale of the Ordinary Shares are subject to certain limitations. See 'Underwriting and Sale'. The Ordinary Shares will be listed on the Official market of AEX-Stock Exchange. Prior to this Offering, there is no public market for the Ordinary Shares. The Ordinary Shares are fully entitled to the dividend for the financial year 1998/1999 and subsequent financial years. See 'Dividend Policy'. Under certain circumstances, dividends on the Ordinary Shares are subject to Dutch taxation. See 'Taxation'. An application has been made for admission of the Ordinary Shares to the securities book-entry systems of Nederlands Centraal Instituut voor Giraal Effectenverkeer BV (NECIGEF), Euroclear and Cedel Bank, söciété anonyme. The Ordinary Shares will be embodied in one single global certificate, which is not exchangeable for single or other multiple physical securities. The global certificate will be lodged for safekeeping with NECIGEF. Payment Date of the Ordinary Shares is expected to be on May 14, 1998. Global Coordinator ABN AMRO Rothschild


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