Common Code 8646767 The Offering Number of Ordinary Shares offered for sale for the account of the Company Price per Ordinary Share Start of subscription period Expected close of subscription period Expected Allocation Date Expected Payment Date Allotment Lock-up Dividend Preferential Treatment Option Schemes Listing of Ordinary Shares Security Code ISIN Number 4,950,000 NLG 25 May 5, 1998. May 8, 1998, 15.00 hours. ABN AMRO Rothschild reserves the right to close the subscription period at an earlier date. May 11, 1998 May 14, 1998 ABN AMRO Rothschild reserves the right without explanation to ignore subscriptions on allotment in whole or in part. In the event of oversubscription, allotment will be effected systematically, which means that a reduction in numbers may then be applied. The Company and the Association have agreed with ABN AMRO Rothschild that, for a period of 12 months as from the Payment Date, the Company will not issue, sell or transfer Ordinary Shares in the Company's capital, without prior written permission from ABN AMRO Rothschild. See 'Underwriting and Sale'. The Company aims to follow a stable dividend policy and currently intends to implement a dividend policy aimed at the payment of 25% to 35% of its operational result after depreciation and result on transfer income and after taxation. There is no guarantee that this result will be sufficient to pay out dividend, or that the dividend will be according to these percentages. The Ordinary Shares will be entitled to the dividend for the financial year 1998/ 1999 and subsequent financial years. Over the financial year 1997/1998, no dividend will be paid. See 'Dividend policy'. Ajax personnel, members of the Association, contributors to the Association, holders of season tickets, members of the supporters' association of Ajax and holders of the Ajax clubcard are allowed to subscribe to the offering in advance, and qualify for preferential treatment with regard to the allotment. Ajax will implement option schemes for a large part of its personnel. See 'Other information'. Admission of all outstanding Ordinary Shares to the Official Market of the AEX-Stock Exchange NV, has been applied for. AEX-Stock Exchange NV, barring unforeseen circumstances, aims to admit the Ordinary Shares one trading day after the close of the subscription period, which is expected to be May 11, 1998. Prior to this Offering, there is no public market for the Ordinary Shares. 01900 NL 0000019008


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