exploitation for the players of these players' portrait rights. An exclusive right has been granted to Umbro with regard to the granting of sublicences, against payment of royalties by Umbro. The granting of licences for non-sports articles is done by the Company. The direct supply of non- sports articles is done through the Internet and mail order. Strategy Ajax strategy is aimed at keeping the club at the top of Dutch professional football, and also at the top of European professional football. In order to realise this Ajax aims at combining young talents with internationally experienced players in its first team selection. A continuous stream of young talent trained by the club should minimise the need for the buying of players from outside the club. Within this framework, Ajax has set itself the target of expanding both its youth training programme and its scouting system internationally. This especially involves building a global network of scouts in countries in all parts of the world. As well as the strategies with regard to the football activities, Ajax aims to play a leading role in the ongoing commercialisation of professional football by fully exploiting the football-related activities as well as playing football, of high quality. With regard to sponsoring the aim of the Company is to strengthen the relationship with its sponsors, in order to create the possibility for both the Company and the sponsor to make optimum use of the exploitation of the Ajax brand. The strategy with regard to the exploitation of television rights is aimed at the Company carrying out these negotiations. Furthermore the developments with regard to new media concepts such as 'pay per view' and 'video on demand' will be monitored continuously. The merchandising strategy is aimed at the increasing income by both raising turnover and improving margins. The most important focal points hereby are expanding Ajax' distribution network and broadening the range of Ajax articles.


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