■MPHi Proposed appropriation of result Golden share Preference shares In accordance with the offering prospectus of May 5, 1998, no dividend will be distributed over the financial year The loss-for the period January 1, 1998 up to and including June 30, 1998 is charged against the other reserves. The issued share capital includes one golden share at NLG 1 nominal. Vereniging Amsterdamsche Footballclub 'Ajax' (the Association), is holder of this share. The Association's board is made up of Messrs M. van Praag (chairman), A.L. van Os, J.S. Ellerbroek, H.P.J. Henrichs en D. Feldmann. A right of approval in relation to certain resolutions of the Board of Directors of AFG Ajax NV is attached to this share. This right of approval implies that such resolutions can only be adopted by the Board of Directors after the Association, as holder of the golden share, has granted its approvel of the resolution. This concerns resolutions regarding: a A change in one of the company's business names; b A change in the company's existing core activities; c .A change of the club logo, the club red/white colours and/or the outfit worn during home matches, con sisting of a white shirt with a wide vertical red stripe on the chest and the back, red collar and cuffs, as well as white shorts and white socks with red turnovers; d A change in the current stadium location in Amsterdam; e A change in the structure of the top-level football-oriented youth training programme, as well as in the accommodations and facilities used by and for this youth training programme; f Fundamental changes in the structure of the performance of youth and amateur teams, where this is relevant for top-level football; g The change in, provision or withdrawal of licenses and sub-licenses; h Presentation of a proposal to change the articles of association. According to the Association's articles, resolutions concerning the exercise of the voting rights attached to the golden share can be adopted only by the Association's board, subject to the prior approval of the Association's Members' Council. As of balance sheet date, no preference shares had been issued. Preference shares are exclusively issued for financing purposes. In addition to voting rights, the preference shares entitle the holder to preferential dividend from profit. 1997/1998. 33


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