J ~"*0UR CUSTOMERS H AVE -LEARN E JÉi^O EXPECT U N G H M FJH O M I Si N G .QUALITY BREITLING 2g\ i i 1231 1884 THE PRINCIPLES OF AVIATION In the demanding world of aero nautics, every single component must be officially approved and certified. We apply the same principle to the manufacturing of our wrist instruments. Our movements meet all the precision and reliability criteria required to obtain chronometer certification. Moreover, every last detail of our watches is designed for intensive use. One simply does not become an aviation supplier by chance. THE ESSENCE OF BREITLING AEROSPACE. Quartz electronic chronograph with combined ana log and digital time display. This multifunction wrist instrument is crafted in titanium, a material widely used in modern aviation applications. VOOR INFORMATIE VERKOOPADRESSEN: M. KOSTER ZONEN - TEL: 020 - 6596453


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