BREITUNG 1884 INSTRUMENTS FOR PROFESSIONALS VOOR VERDERE DEALER-INFORMATIE: TELEFOON 020 - 6596453 A AEROSPACE Altitude. Speed. Time... All shown by a pointer or needle on an indicator, even on the latest aircraft. Because a pointer sweeping over a circular gauge is what a pilot sees and understands most readily - particularly when he has to keep track of countless other pieces of information. By contrast, digital readouts provide finer and fuller detail - time to Viooth of a second, for instance, or alphanumerical data. They also simplify the setting of programable functions. Breitling's Aerospace implements these display principles to the full. Little wonder it is the unquestioned choice of the world's topflight aerobatics teams. Multifunction quartz electronic instrument watch with hybrid displays. Hours and minutes shown by conventional hands. Alphanumeric menu and functions displayed in two LCD windows. Chronograph calibrated to Viooth of a second. With alarm, countdown timer, second timezone, day of the week and date functions. Chronograph operated and functions programed directly by the crown Titanium case water-resistant to 100 m (300 ft), with glareproofed sapphire crystal. Bezel with rider tabs clad with titanium nitride. "Aerospace" or "Professional" bracelet or leather strap. I


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